Once Upon a Time Challenge

Day One Favorite Episode from Season One: The  Stable Boy

this episode ruined my life   once upon a time   


swan queen meme: (2/3) places

↳ regina’s house

swan queen   mayors mansion   regina mills   emma swan   

I can't tell whether you're kidding about the weird tag on the gif-set with Sasha, but if you're not it's extremely common for a kid to do that to his Mama when he's young :)

i was mostly saying sasha is weird because of the faces she makes and all that. and yeah i’m sure some little boys get like that, not that i have much experience with little boys.

My son is three and a half now, and he’s so sweet. When my husband and I kiss goodbye or wherever, he insists on coming to kiss me afterward, so he’ll come and go “Mama” and he kisses me and he says “You’re my wife”. {x}

sasha alexander   weird   


↳ Scenes » [3/9] : 3x02

:(((((   pls stop   emma swan   

i wish i could make gifs because i have a really nice idea of a gif set for my anniversary with christi but no i am not talented

oh well   my gift is good enough i guess   

hahahah nope   this scene was one big nope   charming   regina mills   

that’s it, that’s the friendship relationship.

pretty much   rizzles   jane rizzoli   maura isles   

me too   constance langdon   moira o'hara   ahs murder house   

5 days til my anniversary with christi who’s excited i know i am

myjanerizzoli   anniversaries are always fun