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swan queen appreciation week | day 6: favorite swan queen song(s)

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regina mills and mary margaret?

regina mills - favorite characters backstory and why?

it’s really a tie between emma and regina because regina’s explains why she does what she does and why she is who she is and why she has these walls built up around her and how she became the “evil” queen. and emma’s just shows how much her trust level was lowered so easily and regina’s does as well so i think the main reason i can’t pick a favorite between the two is that they’re so similar.

mary margaret - which character has your favorite wardrobe?

emma for sure because damn some of her outfits are just so perfect i mean especially the dress she wore in the pilot bye

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ASK GAME (ouat style)


emma swan - are you a fighter or a lover?

henry mills - would you believe in the curse if henry told you about it?

mary margaret - which character has your favorite wardrobe?

david nolan - describe your ideal quest.

regina mills - favorite characters backstory and why?

rumplestiltskin -…

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do you ever realize how intense tumblr has made you. like you look at a picture of an attractive celebrity and think “i want to throw up all over myself” and then realize, okay. okay.

me too actually   

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lana parrilla, ''deep cove daze'' [x]

lana parrilla   dude no bye